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Author Joe Holt

Joe Holt (aka Aloha Joe) was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1978.

After living in orphanages, foster homes, and a forced child labor camp


he signed to join the United States Marine Corps on his 17th birthday.


After two enlistments in the Marines as an Aviation Electrical Engineer,

he had attained the rank of Sergeant, had served two tours overseas,

and had earned a National Defense Medal. A combination of military

and off-duty injuries led to his medical retirement at the age of 23. After

his early retirement, Joe began serving non-profits in his local

communities. As a Patriot Supporter of the Vietnam Brotherhood, as

well as the Historian and Sergeant at Arms of the American Legion, he

recorded veterans stories to help preserve America's rich national past

for more than a decade.

Author Joe Holt has published five books to date

with more on the way.

They are listed in order of publication.

Aloha Joe in Hawaii

Stories I Can't Tell My Kids Yet

Your Brain is the Key to the Universe

The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf

Big Island Photos by AJ

Joe Holt is a member of the

Pacific Grove, Ca. Freemasons,

Scottish Rite Valley of San Jose, Ca.,

Chaplain of the National Sojourners,

a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars,

The Elks Lodge of Montrose Colorado,

and also a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans.

He is the father of two sons, Joseph Jr. and Justin,

and currently lives in Colorado.

He is a full time non-fiction writer,

photographer, artist, and Ambassador of Aloha.