This book is currently Kindle only.

The First Edition is out of print and

the Second Edition is coming soon.

Aloha Joe in Hawaii

I had been meaning to write this book for more than two decades,

but I had always had a problem starting it for one simple reason.

I thought, who cares about my story?

What makes mine any more or less unique?

What do I really have to say?

Although I touch briefly on my difficult past, I resisted the urge to give you all the disturbing details of my youth. It may have been more endearing, but I believe that we all have our own demons and that is not what this book is about. It’s about healing and moving past the traumas in our lives.

I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2012 looking for some quiet reflection time in the tropical rainforest. I wanted to live a lifestyle of peace and happiness. I am trying to regain my health and mental well-being. The Big Island is known for its healing energy by many around the world.

Maybe along the way I can share with you some of my experiences, in an effort to help you through your journey. Even if this is as far as you read and then put the book down,

I just want to wish you all the best on your journey.

Love yourself for the truly unique, amazing, and beautiful soul that you are.


My name is Joe Holt.

I self-published my first book

Aloha Joe in Hawaii

on August 5th 2013 in order

to share my journey of healing

with my two young sons.

This book has its own website

complete with photographic tour

videos of the Big Island of Hawaii

In no way am I associated with the Radio DJ on the Mainland by the name "Aloha Joe".