"Your Brain is the Key to the Universe"

"A comprehensive guide to manifesting
your ideal reality and world harmony."

by Author Joe Holt

Joe's third book is called

"Your Brain is the Key to the Universe"

It is a guide to creating harmony in your own life,

as well as how to create international prosperity and world peace.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." 

- Albert Einstein 

This book is about my ever expanding, developing, and changing views on what I believe to be consciousness and its construct, reality. The world is experiencing a global shift in consciousness and spiritual awakening. People are being drawn to energy sites all over the globe and are beginning to experience an accelerated spiritual growth rate.

I, myself was drawn to a healing vortex on Hawaii Island known as Napoopoo. The point where this vortex meets the Pacific Ocean is Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park, also know as "The Place of Refuge." William "Pila" Chiles wrote about this very place and its healing properties in his book "The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii" if you would like to know more about the area and its healing powers. I lived right in the middle of this vortex while writing this book and can attest to the overwhelmingly positive energy that is present there.

Now more than I ever I believe that people need to define who they are and why they are here in this reality. The notion of a soul, or an eternal life, or what comes next, are questions on everyone's mind. This is an ever present friend or foe as we see fit.

I believe that your consciousness and brain are the keys

to this mystery, as well as to our universe.

- Author Joe Holt

"What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists?

In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet."

- Woody Allen

Chapter Titles

1. Time is Nonlinear

2. I'm Totally in the Future, Dude

3. Seven Billion and Counting

4. Magical Manifestations in My Own Life

5. The Only Galaxy Garden on Earth

6. Elon Musk, Dr. Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking,
and my own "Universal Brain" Theory

7. Can We Selectively Delete Traumatic

Memories From Our Consciousness?

8. The Importance of Being a World Citizen

9. Manifesting Rain

10. The Holy Science

11. Meditation and Quantum Entanglement

12. Cancer and Remote Healing

13. Consciousness and Interconnectivity

14. How to End Worldwide War, Homelessness, and Hunger,
and Fix the World Economies in Three Years

15. Who Am I, or You, For That Matter?

16. How Can You and I Help?

17. Lucid Dreaming and Dream Journals

18. The Importance of Sleep and How to get Better
Rest Than You are Getting Now

19. Your Passions are the Easiest and Most Necessary
Things to Manifest in Your Entire Life

20. The Importance of How You Breathe, and How
 it Effects Everything Else in Your Life

21. There are Two Paths to Enlightenment, the Short,
Painful Way or the Long, Peaceful Way

This book is currently Kindle only.
The First Edition is out of print and
the Second Edition is coming soon.

Your Brain is the Key to the Universe