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My Third Eye Opened

My Third- Eye opened, because I forgave. Consequently, I became Love. This is my latest book "The Healing Power of Love - Aloha Joe in Alaska." If you read "Aloha Joe in Hawaii" first, and then "Aloha Joe in Alaska" you can start, and finish, my Love Quest with me! I also now realize why I was close, but not quite correct, when I wrote "Your Brain is the Key to the Universe." In actuality, Love is the Key to the Universe, and Your Brain, is the Lock.

My Education

April 18th, 2018

I Saw Heaven

Author Joe Holt

I am Love. It happened last week. I helped a man cross over. He had given himself a Viking Funeral without telling anyone his plans first. He became stuck in an in between world for over two Earth years. To be separated from Love, was to be in Hell he said. He explained it like being in an old phone booth that is in an ever darkening area, as it drops lower and lower. The heart string to his wife was getting thinner and harder to hang onto. It was also pulling his wife's soul down with him. My efforts, snapped him back up, directly to Heaven. Because I bridged the gap for him, between his wife's heart, his heart, as well as Life, and Death, I allowed all the built up quarks, to dissipate. As a reward, he let me watch as he opened the sky/ earth like it was an illusion, and I saw a huge golden doorway. I peeked around him into the room. It was a Viking Longhall packed with rows of long tables. There were benches that were full of large men, in heavy furs and armor. They were all eating a giant leg of meat with the left hand, and a giant goblet of Mead in the right hand. EVERYTHING, was Solid Gold. Everything moved, but was also, solid gold. My new friend stepped into the Greathall with one foot, before he let go of my hand. I became bathed in solid gold, and became God in the flesh, as True Love. It would explain people's obsession with gold on Earth. You know God. You know Heaven. You know them as a distant friend, that only can be remembered, by a chance encounter, here on Earth. There is more, but that is for next time. There, no credit card needed. Your welcome. God, is, love. Just, love. To do this properly, be God, and Forgive everything,. That creates a vacuum that sucks love in. Then, you can just, Love.

April 14, 2018 3:08pm Sterling - Alaska, USA