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Author Joe Holt

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Author Joe Holt

Ambassador of Aloha - Author  - Unified Quantum Theory

Aloha Joe in Hawaii

1st Paperback Edition ISBN-13: 978-1909392472

1st Edition Kindle ISBN:978-1-7322026-8-9

iTunes Audiobook - by Robert Neil DeVoe

Stories I Can’t Tell My Kids Yet

2nd Paperback Edition ISBN-13: 978-1732202603

2nd Edition Kindle ISBN: 978-1-7322026-5-8

Big Island Photos by AJ

No ISBN (Only 2 copies printed)

Your Brain is the Key to the Universe

2nd Paperback Edition ISBN-13: 978-1732202610

2nd Edition Kindle ISBN: 978-1-7322026-6-5

Update: I can now finally be honest about this book. I wrote this book in 2015 in an attempt to draw attention to some of the major problems on this planet, while also trying to offer some real help and truths. Some of the names mentioned were Oprah, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, John of God, Elon Musk, the Federal Reserve, ect. As you can now tell in 2022 and beyond, these individuals truths are now being brought to light.

The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf

2nd Paperback Edition ISBN-13: 978-1-7323364-2-1

2nd Edition Kindle ISBN: 978-1-7322026-9-6

Gordy The Ferret

1st Paperback Edition ISBN-13: 978-1732202641

 1st Edition Kindle ISBN: 978-1-7322026-2-7

The Healing Power of Love - Aloha Joe in Alaska

 1st Paperback Edition Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7322026-7-2

1st Edition Kindle ISBN: 978-1-7322026-3-4

A Danish Lady's Journey - Lis Egeberg 1935 Through 2002 And Still Going

1st Edition Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7323364-7-6

1st Edition Kindle ISBN:  978-1-7323364-6-9

How To Self-Publish Your Book Now -

A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming an Author

1st Edition Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7323364-4-5

1st Edition Kindle ISBN: 978-1-7323364-3-8

Answers: The Theory of Everything

Published Free Online 2018

The Unified Quantum Theory

Published Free Online 2020