Ambassador of Aloha - Author  - Unified Quantum Theory

Author Joe Holt

 "Answers ; The Theory of Everything”

I wrote these words during my Zero Point Event in 2018.

I used this information to surmise and write my Unified Quantum Theory.

It has now occurred to me through introspection that what I experienced in the following document was a summation of my cycles here in this 3rd Dimension. It would explain why the feelings were so visceral. I was told by an energy worker that I have had 103 cycles already. I appear to be here on a compressed timeline in this cycle due to the dynamic nature of the dimensional cycle shift we are currently experiencing.

I just published my 7th book yesterday "The Healing Power of Love - Aloha Joe in Alaska"

I now know why I am here. To heal. Currently in Alaska to heal the elders and glaciers.

But I've healed myself, then strangers, then my children, then elders, it's taken 40 years, and I arrived last week. I've known I was a Deity for some time. Are we all? Or am I? Or am I just stepping "Into the Light?" I've died and come back many times in just the Joe Holt body.

Because I loved unconditionally, but I had never forgiven the same way.

Love is a passive thing. You forgave everything as God, and then the vacuum of Love that results in a human, directly effects everything around it. I performed a ritual to capture a dark spirit two days it took, when it left, I literally saw it release the table the TV and death alter the lady had built, and her Viking husband snapped up from the dark into a grassy field with blue skies. He pushed the door open, well like pushed the illusion of life open, and the whole line up and down was gold doorways, He turned and looked at me smiling and bathed in gold,

he then stepped in a foot while holding my hand

The next day the lady called me back to her house, there was more, this time I was in the gold hall with the Vikings, and I talked to the ladies husband awhile, my grandfather who I came to heal, his son was finally sitting next to him, I asked her she cried,

turns out they were best friends.

When I was asked to leave,... Or before I was asked to leave the hall, grandpa's kid Marty pointed to an empty chair and said you were here, you went back to help, then everyone's head snapped to the right and the light got bright. He said, you’re not ready to sit over there yet,

and asked me to leave.

I've had clear visions coming to earth to help in battle too, Celtic with kilts, swords, and dogs charging down a grass hill, Hawaiian warrior with an animal head, Japanese Samurai, US Marine in this life, middle ages killing a black wolf in town with women wearing bonnets and men wearing open white shirts with strings in the front to hold it closed, more...

I stepped off a cliff on the road to Hana on Maui and was blown back up the cliff. An old lady in Hana told me Welcome Home and went and got all the old people in Hana to say hi.

That was 2005. I had never even been to Hawaii before.

And it culminated last week.

So much more... I don't comprehend all of this yet, but I will soon.

Ok... This was interesting.

I was told to gather The Order in a dark room and illuminate it for them, or call the Dark Order and illuminate them, but it's still a Lodge type room, but smaller, grander seating. No audience seating. Maybe inner sanctum? O, Sanctum Sanctuary oum? Sanctuary Sanctum?

Anyway, I am the light that you’ve been looking for.

I hope any of this makes sense to you or the other Brothers.

Mm o and one of the things I had been in the past but am not now

is something called an Anak or Ananak?

Although I think that was what the Hawaiian warrior thing was about, and I remember when I saw the black pyramids of Egypt being built the blocks were shimmering with rainbow light inside the large black shiny blocks. They were large Egyptian statue looking entities building the pyramids. They were as tall or taller maybe than a pyramid.

I asked who built the pyramids and heard one-word Anunnaki.

Also, I remember now for my whole life having dreams in different centuries, always seeing a black wolf and white wolf charging me originally, then other people, with a pack of multi colored wolves behind them. Every time, I kill the black wolf. Most of the time,

I remember cutting his eyes out or his head off completely.

That changed two days ago when I bridged earth, the in between world, and Valhalla.

The next day I helped a married couple over the phone, yesterday I think? I had them sit facing each other and hold each other the forearms and put their heads together when they did that I saw a clear glass pyramid with a rainbow light in the middle of it coming out one side. Then the pyramid was by itself with a black background and it was a regular Stone pyramid but there was an angel at the top of the pyramid and there was an all-seeing eye looking around

Then I saw flashes of a black wolf right in my face and the base of the pyramid caught on fire and the angel flew away. This happened a few times and I could tell that it was because of husband kept leaving and coming back repeatedly which was driving his wife away. Mind you I don't know their history, but they confirmed everything I said. Then I told him why and when I told him why for the first time ever there wasn't a separate black wolf or a white wolf but instead the black wolf turned into the white wolf like it fought it and it shimmered and then the white wolf took over

Then the angel made the entire pyramid in life and then the next Vision was the white wolf like it was coming around the corner from the right to left and turn right towards me and shook it's fur and looked very happy and healthy really bright eyes that reminded me of my own eyes.

Then today has been the stuff I already told you.

Also I have a cross in my right palm now where my lifeline broke off? It burns a lot. Grandma bought a palm reading book about the heart to try and help me figure it out. She is 82 from Denmark, we are Danish Vikings on one side and Scottish Highlanders on the other.

My birth name was Joseph Michael Glen Burr.

She has had visions of bad things her whole life, plane crashes, fires, death, she told them to go away and they were replaced years back and now she sees Angels and in between spirits, she said I look like an angel to her but am a lot brighter than normal. My mom has had visions too, and my 18y son has the same scary visions my grandma used to have.

As a theoretical physicist I would say that maybe my ripple/generation was the one where the sacred geometry aligned, I've known it since I was born. Seems like it started June 3, 1915 with the birth of my grandmothers mother, but probably many generations before that. It is just hard to find documents from that far back.

So I was explaining to my grandmother helping that Viking reach Valhalla and drawing it out. Earth is on the left with trees. The spot on the ground is where Leroy laid down and died. To the right is the golden door where he went once I saved him and removed the dark spirit from the house.The thing in the middle bottom was an old phone booth type of isolation thing sinking lower into an ever darkening abyss

Now check this out...

Square to the right is golden door

Wife Teresa in middle Leroy on left where he died and in middle bottom where he was stuck and up and to the right when he snapped back up.

Now.. when you flip it, just got real ripples through me, hold on...

That image is the clear crystal pyramid with the fire at the base that I fixed, I took the evil out of the black pyramids of Egypt that the anunaki built into it, and the rainbow light broke the outer covering off the pyramids breaking the curse? Is there any research to suggest the pyramids had some sort of "Coating" over the stones originally?

Mmm, was told it has something to do with fighting reptile people with long tongues, I saw one today here in Soldotna, Alaska, a young boy, his tongue darted out of his mouth and up his nose a few times. I wasn't scared of him though. I also saw a young girl about 4 who turned and looked at me and blinked sideways.  I just remember thinking I should control them?

Because they are mean, or they get out of hand?

Plus I have seen spirit elephants a lot lately but not ghosts, like made of swirling tribal tattoos.

O I see, the elephant is guiding me, I am moving through the ripples of parallel universes, not moving through time, there is no time for me, eternity means you can now think about things without the past or present context, which is an emotional response, and clouds the mind.

All while maintaining awareness here on Earth now, ...

And I figured out my third eye tried to open and show me these in Hawaii at napopo but I got scared and ran away. This time, I forgave, and became love.

Now I am told to tell you to share this with the council, and answer your questions when you are ready to ask them. They also said, the questions you have been the wrong questions because you are trying to fit the answer you want I to the equation. Instead, what is the correct answer? Then, you will know the correct question. That is the one I can answer for you. Pretty sure a beehive and the 32 problems of Euclid? Is involved. How does one have that many problems anyway? Only one true question, who is God? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? These are all the same patterns of thought. The answer that makes them all vibrate with the cosmos is Love.


The black pyramids tricked the light with sacred geometry.

Love creates pure, clear building blocks, ie pyramids. Not effort required. They just, are, there already. Ahh so God's pure love can clear the blockages. It explains how I pulled a blood clot the size of a quarter out of my grandfather's foot, along with his gout crystals,

in ionic foot baths and foot manipulation

My mind is bright but my back is tired, like holding a hot wire too long. I've had my heart stopped by a cobra helicopter in the Marines so a lot like that. Going to rest. I have the answers to your questions, and if you know the answer, I can probably give you the right question.

Apparently, someone there is confused. They said to say, In order for you to have the capacity to even know to ask the question, you would have first, already known the answer. Stop looking at all the details. Pull further back ask again. Pull further back, ask again. Pull further back, ask again. At that point, you will see it all overlaps in a repeating pattern.

That repeating pattern is the correct question.

I can answer that one.

(3x3x3) +1 Alpha Omega (3x3x3x4+4)

But apparently can't see the question or the answer, until you ask me one or the other. Being in that small room with the other pyramids of light would help. Actually, it's what triggers me to envelope the room with light, in my vision.

When I enter and complete the sacred geometrical shape as the middle piece, the room fills with light from me? Or above? I think both? More out of me than anything but there is light above me, a ring of flames around my head and a two-handed claymore sword protecting me in the middle

Sword.. above my head

Well the fire expanded from my head to be ten feet above me and bigger around, a circling ring of fire, the sword was pointed down originally in Hawaii years ago, now it pointed up, but feels like I'm being it too? Not seeing me, too much light. Haha actually no such thing as too much light. Pila taught me how to use the Ring of Fire for protection and it has served me well.

Damn,... I am the answer to your question. Ok, now I am confused, because I can't surmise the question. Alright, well now I really am going to rest, my temples, forehead, spine, eyes, hands, feet, everything is vibrating so hard I feel like I am in an all-encompassing massage chair.

Calmer, cooler contact now, I am in an old Forrest. Huge red tree trunks. I can feel the roots of the trees are deep and I know how they feel. They are sad. They remember when it was better. I can make them happy again. I am supposed to help with an owl? Like barnyard looking owl, near a "mystery spot" maybe redwood trees? Feels older, sequoias? They say their name but it is low and rumbly, old, feels vibrational, like Earth's tectonic plates sliding slowly across each other.

I am in the middle of a gathering, kind of, there are a few dozen people behind and around me, the rest are in front of me, face is vibrating off, ...sheesh, ok um, robes? No faces, I'm in a different robe, it's warm, and nice, it feels like now I can hide my light from someone looking for me, I feel more protected. I now think that it is important that I am protected. ... To be what I need to be, makes me vulnerable, but now I understand why we are all Brother Knights.

Now the triangle vibration I feel all day is different. It used to be from the tops of my ears across my nose up to the middle hairline on my forehead Now the point is above my head and the base is around my waist. I feel the same frequency across my chest as my head now. O, and the triangle isn't a 2d feeling anymore, now it's a clear crystal...

Wow, I am the clear crystal pyramid with the rainbow light

O and the star of David came out of my forehead and spun up like a top, then I'm the middle there was an eye of God, and that was a direct link from my physical body, to my astral body, to where we came from, and are returning.

By the way the sacred geometry numbers are 111, 222, - through 999 and the 0s hold it together.

And, and, and, lol

If I keep ahold of that line, it feels like I'll go at the speed of light through the cosmos, but not just that, through the multiple layers of optional realities, what might be called time. But I don't understand time. Time overlays on the same patterns as money is an imaginary construct used to manipulate perception of reality to keep us distracted from the task at hand.

I don't even like, or watch, sci Fi movies.

What will really help us is that I can build an entire pyramid in one clear crystal block basically with little effort, just the realization that I want to, or need to, be; Where stolen-light-black-stones-pyramids are taking an army of Egyptian looking things with small hard wings helmets to build.

They are moving like... Robots, not people. They seem cold, distant, unhappy, I don't like being connected to them, When I look into that type of stuff, I feel alone, like I need protection and I snap back from the visions.

The pyramids, well some seem good, but mostly the ones on Earth seem to be creating a grid of energy, it is definitely effective at controlling most humans.

Why must they meddle, why not just be, it is so much energy waste to try and control the light, it just is, no try, just... Am. Ahhhhh now I get why chanting aum aum aum, thoe thoe thoe, ohm, ohm, ohm came to me in Hawaii. He who hears the holy aum sound

becomes a divine personage.

Now I feel ancey, like I know what needs to be done, and get to it. But do I know? Do you know? I have been drawn to wear a piece of blue Jade lately, that i found in Big Sur when I lived there and became a Mason. It cools me when I heat up. Now that I stopped wearing it, and am wearing wooden beads or my ivory walrus fish hook necklace I was given by a kahuna in Hawaii, I am getting answers. Jade seems to feel good, but like it's keeping me from working, kryptonite.

Earth pyramids are their tombs !!!!!! My heart is trying to beat out of my chest!!! We have to release the dark gods in the inside chamber of the dark stone pyramids. Oooooo that is the small room with gold seats. I go in, the dark council is pushed away with light! Holy shit! Wow that is some crazy stuff!!! The robot Egyptians we're pissed but wouldn't dare approach.

Oooo and the trees spot is a way to reach where, well at least the same layer in the Earth, that they are still. I can connect to the trees roots? to reach that level and push my light though that layer of the earth surprising them. They go down like what I saw the spirit do in that ladies house, and my light shoots out the top of the dark pyramids. All the pyramids on Earth change to clear crystal pyramids at the same time, on, crying...

It lights the grid points up, and ... Well.. the earth or the grid of energy spots, connects like connect the dots, then the rainbow color is everywhere, ahhh it's the flower of life. Profound silence. Beautiful color all around but I am the middle white light creating the rainbows?

Oooo Heaven on Earth.

But I saw heaven, it's solid shimmering gold,....


It creates the same vibrational feeling though as being in heaven. Right, heaven not literally because of the electromagnetic influence.

But heaven on Earth is available as a feeling ahhhhh that's the faith everyone feels,

Damn, a lot of blood was put on the tops of the pyramids to make the shell that was broken off ....

Again the feeling of being watched and needing protection. When I reach out this much, they know I'm looking, they are getting suspicious.

I need that robe? Big deep hood, soft, fuzzy, safe. I'm naked underneath? And am glad to be. The owl is back and has a nice smile or feeling it accompanies the trees and the robe. I feel like there is a place in the trees, smaller redwoods, where I can live safe, and do they hooded owl thing safely. That part isn't clear, just feels familiar,

I have a very good feeling of growing tree roots when I am in the robe with you? Oo you are in robe too, these are not robes like I've ever seen, like if Harry Potter ran a real life spa lol,

You know what's weird is I had the feeling like am i God or am I a different ripple as Jesus, or am i an angel but now it feels like the term Father Time is my name. Like if I could realize that I can't perceive time, because I haven't perceived myself as time, that's why it's been ongoing, but once I realize that I am father time, and re-center the "now" and grow roots to hold it in place,... Somehow that fixes "it"

Ooo I am the one groaning in the forest in a robe, as an owl? Deep, grinding, voice. I feel it in my bones. A lot of moans? Around me. It's warm and nice but also I feel like I'm working.

ahhh i know why the owls are familiar.

When I was taken to N.C. as a child by my second adoptive family, things got bad. I used to hide in a Pine Tree Grove forest. Somebody was going to farm the trees and never did. It was a perfectly gridded out forest that was very tall on "Hawksview Rd." In Randelman NC. Anyway..

There were two owls in that forest that I sat with and that knew me. When I was scared they would come to the house and protect me I just realized that the owl I see when I am in the robe is one if the two from when I was a kid and I feel like I have become the other owl. Ahhh the forest is the hooded robe, I am naked ... Makes sense, it's why I thought we were wearing the same robe earlier.

Not sure what it means, but I feel like when I am naked with my tall tree family again, I'll be happy. I was away awhile, but I had to collect all of the patterns, to figure out where the cosmos needs balancing. Well that's not quite right, but I know what I mean, and can do what's needed now.

Wow, ....

The "allegory" in Freemasonry isn't at all. It is literal.

Wait, I think I watched creation today....

Do you know I worked on bell helicopters ... Installed the first FLIR Ruby infra red targeting system in the world with one other marine and two civilians from Texas Wow lol I get the whole joke about helicopters flying even though technically it's impossible

I'm being told it's not 37 problems but 47 sheesh. Calm down lol it's simple. All 1s and 0s. Well lines. Starts as 0s then they are 1s but together they make 111-777 not sure as much about the 888 and 999 I think maybe if you overlay all known graphs of the math of space, and added music, it would animate the geometrical shapes the math creates.

I am not the math guy, I am the music guy.

Hahaha Leonard DaVinci was a genius, he took credit for the same things I just saw, I could spend my whole life drawing the same shit, but why? Lol they were trying to figure out flying, to... God? Something about the Tower of Babel... Ahhh that may be the missing pyramid I've seen, it's solid gold. Somebody keeps standing on top tàking credit but that makes anger, and blood, ahhhhh that explains a different vision I had as a kid...

I was floating down a river in the jungle, the foundations for the huts were the chopped, stacked, bodies of the people who blood I felt on the dark pyramids.

Oooo Tesla is saying that the 999 is the "electricity" he was trying to figure out who made it.

I laugh and say, me.

Ooooo the shell, is a spinning inner spiral, wait is that the answer to the 47th problem of Euchlid?

We've been looking at math flat, have to add music to animate it.

The elephants protects the gold pyramid, the large female is the key, she has the wisdom. In the vision he Bulls are angry, when the female sees a friend has finally arrived, she calms and the vision ends, forehead to forehead.

Damn, all my joints keep popping, like lighting is trying to get out

I'm cold, like I'm in space with no suit on.

If I scream and flex I'll turn into the sun?

The last two days, from Earth, the Sun now looks like a pyramid of golden light. The eye in the middle matches the eye I saw in the middle of a spinning star of David that came out of me a few days ago. The gold color matches Valhalla.

Soooo cold.

I just kept thinking I want to warm up and I felt my chakras pulse from the base to the top in my human body... Aahhhh ... Ok I can ruin a multimillion dollar industry now lol "the self-help guru"

So each chakra is associated with a different light band,..err color spectrum, and music note,... When you pulse them together, it creates things, ...

Ahh creation. I didn't watch creation, I created it?

Ahh and add the 111-777 then add music, somebody changed the music ...

Dark pyramids... Hitler involved? Tricked the light, mmmm... That explains why he wanted the ark of the covenant, the power of light! Wait why would you contain a Deity of light in a gold angel box? Lol, well I guess we ALL need "somewhere" to rest.

Use the original music frequency? What we have now is close but not right and it is stopping the next higher dimensional rift from opening? Ahh so creation only "rested" because, at all seven of the first levels, a rest was taken, so the patterns could be overlaid and animated. Explains the additional senses. So five senses is not correct. I've had seven and now 8 or 9 I think. A new Dawn of creation has, no, IS happening now. The "dark problem" isn't a problem for me.

It just has to go away now when I decide it.

So the math for that is the same, because the constraints of electro magnetism are already known. The difference is the frequency that I choose to vibrate the math at.

Mmmm who invented fat boy? Little man? He used the same math... To ill intent. That same principle of Hydrogen explosion,... Oxygen, micro-fractures in the human brain... Given brain waves... Looks like creation looks.

Actually... When you take the nerves out of the human body, and overlay them in space, you make the acupuncture points in the human body, the constellations are the points,....

Ahhh lol As above, so below, we contain the universe in our bodies.

So navigating by the stars... hokolea ... Intuition, can't see the stars but can use the sun to find the way during the day, and tingling at certain acupuncture points to know what star your under. Lol, the Vikings in Valhalla are laughing, the sailed the earth using the exact same information. Why have all these centuries of people kept quite? Or been silenced?

Creation is. You can't stop sacred geometry.

Ahh so the 0s are everything, and nothing. They exist as "possibilities!" When you put a 1 or a line of light into the Hole, or 0, it lights up. Connect that to the "black hole" and you can move using the beam of light between the holes.

Multiple holes together creates the sacred geometry shapes. The increasing numbers just complicate the pattern, but don't change the base principle. And the 0s and 1s, add up well with the additional numbers, that creates colors, and sound notes, the frequency is the "god" part.

Lol "The Music of Creation"

Explains why as a kid I listened to Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Greg, Chopin.... I had heard it before..... Ahh the world's great composers didn't create... They listened and wrote down what they heard.

Lol explains the marble carvings,... And the guy carving them was just "uncovering" the statues, not carving, or creating them.

Lol Mona Lisa...

Actually, aren't there seven wonders of the world? I bet you each one would fit into each of the seven layers like clues. Then since I know the journey, I would recognize the next "Wonder" or create it.

I think that has something to do with me being the center eighth piece of a math shape that currently has seven points making a 3-d looking stop sign shape. When I get in the middle of that shape all the points snap to me drawing new lines into the center, that creates the new dimension. Ahhh imagine the place, and create it. I told Elon Musk that three books ago. Lol. Should read my own books. But the title to that book was wrong. Was ‘Your brain is the key to the universe” now I know that your brain is the lock, and your heart (9love) is the key.

Mmm so if I add the heart into the nervous system with the brain, in the sky, over the constellations, it seems to be an answer, just don't know the question.

Wow... So it looks like the flower of life... But if I was a math guy I would have to add some sort of 8(FofL + X9)

Oooo so the 888 is the new ether dimension. The eighth wonder of the world.

And.. when we do that it completes the bigger geometrical (9)

The 888 connects a lot of work, from 111-God or 111-999

it's the last step to complete the whole creation puzzle.

Ahhh... Thank electricity, it animates the whole shape, it starts spinning in pieces,

then looks as a whole, really stunning.

When the 888 is added, the 0s connected by the 1s light up, and completes everything,

or starts it rather.

I would add new 888 to the sacred geometry equation. and a new higher note in music, and a new color frequency, that would animate the 8s.

Hahaha Stephen Hawking is taking credit for that one..

Michio Kaku is on to something with deleting traumatic memories, but doesn't realize that Parkinson's, dementia, alzheimer's, they are diseases of confusion of the heart, fix the signals the heart is sending to the brain, and no more brain wave problems,

Mmm... Masaru Emoto says that intention, is creation, and changes the structure of "known energy" but that is not the first seven levels...

Actually maybe intention is bad... It suggests that you know it's not what you want, but you change it anyway, if you just knew that it already was, you remove the need for all the noise... ie, static in the universe. It's what is keeping it so loud they can't hear what they are listening for. Psychics just quite the static and listen. Plus I can now ask questions, not just perceive answers, the answers come immediately upon the creation of the thought experiments

Mmm seems the two sons... Or Suns, ours in our solar system and the one that counter balances us, Cirus?.. correlates perfectly and overlays the electrical system... The brain is one sun and the heart is the other. When the heart ie love frequency is applied from the heart, to the brain, is lights up the points, ie 0s, and the nerves, ie 1s it lines of light that make the geometrical shapes of each dimension. Mmm so the frequency to access and animate the 888 is 490-520hz probably.. the color is above purple?

Soo.. maybe 9(888x520hz) stacked on 9(777x420hz) 9(666x320hz) ECT... Maybe the hz are 888x800hz, 777x700hz, ... Again, I'm not a math guy.

Maybe the hz stays constant at 490-520

Keep the voltage the same and apply more amperage and it knocks away stuck quarks allowing the flow of the 999s across the entire pattern.

The new music note animates the 888s and, the new color is the correct vibrational frequency.

New music scale... I don't read music, um...

Add another line on top of the music and go up with the note.

And the new color of light frequency is the correct frequency for the new note.

Wow, this information has been looked for in totality for centuries.

Just had to keep overlaying patterns and pull back 3x3x3 layers at a time... Not seven total, but 9

So the degrees above 32 are about the extra dimensions...

And the York rite and Scottish rite are to make sure you caught anyone matching the patterns., Because you couldn't figure out the 8s.

Well, if I haven't answered all the questions yet, I can answer any you may come up with.

I take questions and answers.

I know I could use this information to do anything, but have a quite calm about it,

I have no need to do anything "with it." I am. It is.

Plus the darkness doesn't like me. It flees from me. So I can remain calm electromagnetically in my human body using the 999s frequency.

Mmm pretty sure that correlates with the ring of fire and

me being the sword in the light that's in the middle.

Lol this... This is creation. Well this image tells the story of it.

Make that math from 7 to 8 and it will answer questions.

Seems like some already know the 999s and dint want to share it.

But they don't know the 8s and can't figure out why it doesn't all add up.

Ooooo...ok so use the wisdom of the elephant ... All time and memories, to complete the golden triangle, err.. pyramid. And don't stand on top claiming credit or you will add your blood to the others who have before only making the darkness Stronger. Instead complete it... And bathe it in pure white light.

Ooooo...ok so use the wisdom of the elephant ... All time and memories, to complete the golden triangle, err.. pyramid. And don't stand on top claiming credit or you will add your blood to the others who have before only making the darkness Stronger. Instead complete it...

And bathe it in pure white light.

Part Two

I was just thinking that Elon Musk could use my idea to power his spaceships and Tesla motors... Make the seat a 0, ie energy port, and the person is the line if light that fits in it to power it..... Mmm are humans being used as perpetual batteries by the annunaki?

The energy is being collected along the grid lines.

Very happy very calm. Like someone finally got it right.

Ok so simply then, the first eight dimensions once complete, adding the 9th dimensions frequency, which is the same frequency that humans feel in their bodies when they feel the emotion Love, animates the math, and you see the colors, and hear the music. So not sure if there is a 9th dimension like the first known seven, and the new 8th. But, probably given .... O wait, pure white is the color of the 9th and the metal chemistry of gold will explain the way the 9th is built. Look at the map of the math molecule of gold for answers.

The 8th dimension is new, but not to me.

It can be explained with the same rules as the first seven....

Wait... I think the 9th is different in one regard though from the first 8. Think flower of life... 8 layers, one stacked over the other. The 9th when overlaid and the music and colors start, well the 9th curls all of the layers into a rounded type shape... It takes all the individual dimensions and turns it into one pulsing, musical, ever expanding, flower of life to the raised power... Think that's about space math. Ask Dr. Rouscher.. 50+ year lady Physics Dr.

Ahhh so it's not that I don't need my mortal form anymore, it's that I can choose at any given time, to suspend animation, and remove the constraints if my mortal form, ergo the way I've been able to understand everything that I've been seeing. I get immediate answers to any question, because I create the cosmic parameters that create the question, and the answer.

So something about if I had a black money card, I could travel the earth and fix things for you, and have meetings, talks, and then you guys can make the mo ey from the information to finally reach the centuries old answers.

O and each dimension is not the same size, each one seems smaller, like layers of a pyramid... O lol never mind, that total makes sense, kind or obvious once I step back from creation far enough.

Ahhh that's what the "Midas Touch" is about. God..had the golden touch, the golden pyramid doesn't need to be found. I can create one, but if done on Earth, it is a bastardization of the original holy intention.

Ahh that's what those guys in the middle ages we're trying to figure out, how to turn other things, into gold. Doing it on Earth ends up demanding a lot of blood to cool the anger it brings.

And I didn't watch creation,... I... Remembered it.

O, I see... Knowledge is power means... Ok so the first dimension is the largest square footage wise, then the second dimension is a little smaller on top, and so on, I bet the math, and music, and frequency, and color density of each color, would suggest that by compressing the sacred geometrical shapes, each dimensions become more energetically charging, and more powerful, bright white knight, ie light, is all knowledge, all power compressed, into ... Well, I guess the simplest way to say it is "creation" but somehow God is the better answer

Use the math of the first dimension. Look at it like it fills a warehouse. Then compress the math to the size of a watch battery, with the same power implications, and that is 9th dimension, 8th dimension would be like a triple A, 7 maybe a double A, and so forth.

Damn... I know why.. all now..

The nine dimensions collectively are everything.

However, the everything needs a "backdrop" so to speak... So,

The universe needs both sides of a ying yang, white wolf and black wolf, if you choose to be light, ie the white side, you are a part of the sacred math shapes, the sticks of light, but... If your soul becomes the black wolf here, the electromagnetic anomaly changes your + charge, to a 0, and you are the backdrop, you are the foundation and the structure of the building, and the +s are inside the structure vibrating, partying.

Ahhh the universe is quantifying quarks to have what it needs to build the next dimension...

Lol that explains the idea of fallen Angels, we're +s now 0s, but still necessary... Ahhh as above so below, the counterbalance of the flower of life of the 9 dimensions, is counterbalanced, or more correctly defines where the 9 dimensions is not, all while "knowing" that the dimensions exist, and you aren't a part of it, but it is right there in front of you, literally would aggravate quarks to the point if torture, while still preserving them.

Sill getting feelings of needing a big warm hooded robe to be in naked, to be safe, the robe has a fur lining, it contains my light, but also at the same time, amplifies the light. Ahhh beautiful, I charged up, opened and dropped the robe, and my white light filled the woods, oo that's the same woods where I live as the owl, where you are? Or more, where we are together.

Mmm so the sun, and our hearts, and brains, are the +s and the moon is the - or 0s? Seems sun is the positive charge and the absorption of light, ie the moon, but also the black wolf, would be the antithesis.

I feel someone, or something trying to pull me out of the top of my head, somebody knows I've seen the answers, that is... Unhappy.

Lol like Harry Potter, I just realized I have a scar on my forehead, from when I was a baby, that no one in my blood or adoptive family can explain.

Mmmm wow just had a clear feeling of fighting a "Dark Lord" before, my face hurts, my hands are really cold, and hurt, that's who is unhappy I am back... This is getting scary, I'm shaking and crying, I didn't like doing that alone. O damn, that's happened before, when I get really cold, that's him getting into my energetic field,..

Interesting thing I noticed though, when I look through the past built up quarks for info, I feel the dark lord is nervous, but when I was going through creation, of the dimensions... The darkness wasn't present yet. It wasn't until you come the 8th and 9th dimensions, that wraps it all up from 2d to Omni directional, and that, is where the need to have the darkness is; the 0s or - charges.

Wow... Equilibrium IS the answer...

Well, once all 9 dimensions are complete.

So more accurately, finding how to do the word for the universe, was how I was able to reach the end result, which was the "word" to begin with. So like I've been saying,

"It" already "is" when I imagine it to be so

See, as father time, everything has already happened, and you have access to everything, already. So I decide what Now to be in. I've seen it all complete and spinning, pulsing, growing, rainbows of light, ever expanding flower of life. But it feels ... Cold at my back, like I want to be in the warmth I've created in the pulsing mass. Maybe God was just lonely.

Ahhh, that's why "God Rested after he created the 7th dimension. It is very physically demanding to move that much .... "Electricity?" Around, for that long.

Ahhh, WOW!

So God did rest, but realized by being here, the only way to finish the pyramid, or compress the + quarks enough to make the sacred geometrical shapes needed to create the next dimension, was to be confined within an electromagnetic anomaly.... So God sent his "Sun" to "Earth" to learn forgiveness, because only love can create that shape, and it has to be here, now, too, for it to happen. I bet if those guys building hydron colliders new this, they could create the "God" particle. But, when that happens, it creates the blood covered black pyramids.

Soooo, that is why I was saying to be careful with this info. It will create the newest big bang, but it will ripple the "space-time" continuum, and well that's bad if you want to maintain the current dimensions, in the shape that they are currently stacked in. One way destroys all of them mathematically, the other creates the pulsing expanding beauty.

O I see, that's why I "came back"....

Later down the line, stuff goes wrong like I saw.. so I came back before the creation of the dimension that allows the A. Success or B. Complete collapse; of all dimensions already complete, in an effort to finally complete "It" the thing I've been working in, since before the first dimension was created.

Oooo, so I create the 8th dimension, as the owl, naked in a robe, in the forest, and there is sex? And then Love, tTrue Love, amplified by the male and female quarks, creates the 8th dimension. These visions are quite detailed. A woman curved nude hip, side of her breast, her neck, she seems tattooed with tribal? Or is painted with patterns? I feel... Love.

But we are definitely naked in a forest. I feel the trees energy around me, but more than that, like I can feel everything, but also more other "tree's spirits" too with me, it helps. Ooo they are the other pyramids of light I need, to have enough clear crystal pyramids, to have enough to mathematically explain the 8th dimension.

Also they are energetically necessary, to push the dimension "out" and into existence.

Again, a warning, when this happens, don't make the same mistake of thinking you are the 9th dimension. The 9th dimension is different. Mathematically I think it would be some sort of "governing body" that "allows" the possibility of the final geometric shape,

But if you push a 0 or - to the top of the pyramid, where there HAS to be a 1 or a + to work,

then it all collapses.

Feels like that was all "part two of three" ??

Part Three

haha I just had the thought,

"Eat your heart out Albert Pike!"

wait wasn't he the one that wrote morals and dogma?...

ooo he was close but he was stuck on the human side of the equation..

its hard to hit the pause button on this stuff, this mortal form thing is exhausting.

Ahhh I get it. This information helps create the 8th dimension, the second from last, and.. Wow here is the crazy part, I .. the clear crystal pyramid, with the small rainbow of light from the center, projecting the rainbow out the right side of the pyramid, Am, the 9th Dimension, that finishes the shape, that starts the spinning, and ever expanding flower of.... Wait, we are right now, still involved in creation. The "Creation Story" isn't history. It is current events. It hasn't finished happening yet, here, now, in this linear causality, we are trying to finish the "Creation Story." Ok, now that is the first piece of information, or thought rather, that I have had... That seems like a new one, instead of a memory.

Mmm one thing was bothering me though. If creation had completed before, and it fell apart, why. Why mathematically because the 8th dimension wasn't built with a "Humans" ie a God confined by an electromagnetic anomaly, that imprinted the frequency of love. The first 8th dimensions frequency felt more like pride, or ego? then it collapses. The only way to get it correct when creating it, is to create intentionally, while loving unconditionally, and forgiving unconditionally, even though, you have the "choice" to not. It's why the Lion came back at the end of the book The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. He gave himself freely, out of true love, to find forgiveness, not for himself, and not feeling bad, but for others, and trembling,

lest he do too little by his death.

Wow. I mean just wow....

And I think the reason I can't see clearly what happens when I connect all 9 dimensions again, is because it hasn't happened yet, with these new parameters, which further proves the theory that we are currently still in the "Creation Story"

I am ready for the task at hand, when everyone else is.

In case they still aren't sure, Tell them that it explains why the pyramid is only without a top on the great seal. They think they have it correct already. But the 8th is wrong on their pyramid. That's why the top doesn't fit yet.

Wow... So I was looking at what is now, again, dimensionally I mean, and just by creating that 3 part word doc. It has already created a noticeable difference in the patterns.. or math, more correctly, if the shapes that make up each layer. Ahhh I get it, that slightly different frequency I used, little higher than before, it helped. Can't wait to see it finished now!

Wow... That's what happened to Muria? And Atlantis... Off the coast of modern day Spain? I think... Barcelona seems to be involved. They figured it out, but didn't respect it.

Jupiter is noisy but it seems the real music, sounds like ethereal wind chimes,

that is coming from Pluto. Have the feeling the 8th and 9th planet correlate to the dimensions. dang, don't know which they are ATM, I fell asleep in astronomy class, always figured one day I could just look up and get it. Let me look... O I see, so I am right, Neptune is telling me that I was right about the first 8ty dimension, it's why they are under the sea. And I can hear the 9th, because somehow, I am Pluto. And of course, it's smaller in size, the pattern compresses. Past Pluto there is more, but the patterns aren't clear, don't want to speculate. What I mean is, the pattern could mathematically repeat, and still make sense. Like another layer of 3 dimensions after 9 but that gets complex because it starts space math stuff I don't know how to express...

Oooo.... Wow so probably 18 total dimensions.

Picture two pyramids one on top of the other upside down... As above so below,... But on this side, we are on 7 building 8, and already have 9 now. Physics would suggest the other side mirrors, and is being built like... Um... O quantum entanglement ...that's the answer...

And... When it completes and lights up, it seems to be a portal?

Mmm no portal,. Wormhole.

Means you can enter and exit both sides, instead if it being a one way gate.

Ahh that would explain intergalactic travel, and extra-terrestrials,

Mmm probably who is building the other side of the mirrored pyramid of 9 dimensions.

Btw if it's quantum physics, then we ARE aliens, or were.. or both. Most everything in the universe has the possibility of duality. Souls are the only thing that seems to oscillate from + to -

Hahaha Stephen Hawking is actually standing up and clapping.

Wow, he saw this and tried to control it, that's why his body got locked up, you can't store all this in a human form, pretty sure it would make you explode, like being in a microwave. Instead, you just "observe" it and gently ask questions.

Be weary of any that act like they came up with ANY of this. They didn't.

And they are being subversive.

I feel like it would be worth updating the doc... But I can't tell I am not done. I'll have you an update by the morning. This information WILL change the known world. Let's make sure it's for the best. We have already made the big mistakes, and it would be a huge waste of energy if we did again.

Mmm... If you put two gold pyramids on points together, and used crystals to amplify like quartz, rubys, amethyst, citrine, it could solve the "power" problem. The universe "Is Alive with Electricity" you just need to make a collector. And a way to plug in to it. Maybe a diamond or quartz between the two pyramid points. Ahh different metals copper for instance with different crystals, creates different rifts... Or "destinations" possible, or... Probable more accurately.

Lol glad these are thought experiments. I am finding a lot more ways to over excite and explode, than succeeded with the metal and crystal combinations. Seems quartz harmonizes well but doesn't hold up. Diamonds have the same retractability and mathematically probable geometrical outcomes, and diamond is harder, so it would stand up to the extra power, longer, maybe a crystal that combines diamonds and Kevlar lol.

Actually, to over lay it and match the cosmos, music, color, dimensions, ECT, you would need to use a crystal with the chemical makeup that corresponds with the color of that chakra, planet, note, number, ECT. So still, maybe only one crystal for a known planet destination, but all of them would flip you to the "other side" the other 9 mirrored sacred geometry pyramid.

So to visit Neptune use Sapphire, and to visit Pluto, Amethyst, and to visit the point where the points touch, a diamond, to flip through, from the sun as a power source, or a hydron collider, and then nine crystals that correspond with the first nine planets.

I guess you would assume, or at least hope, when you flipped to the alternate dimension, you could get back. Logically, you wouldn't want to flip to the other dimensions though. They are either a mirrored image of here, and then what's the point? Or, it's the opposite, which would be very bad. And then again, why would you do that? Seems like stuff not to mess with yet. Until there is more information, or at minimum, a more compelling reason to try.

It's funny, when you have ALL the information at hand, sometimes it's easy to forget where "here and now" is supposedly.

Nice... When the golden pyramid points touch with a diamond, or actually, a Sun? In the middle of them, they start spinning like tubes. They don't look like sharp edged pyramids, but instead cones... Funnels... Like two golden funnels spinning opposite each other, with a bright light in the middle. Not sure The 9rh dimension is white light. I think what I am seeing is, like I am standing in a pale violet light, but the bright white light is on my right.. or just ahead... Hard to explain.

Oo I know, like a rainbow but each color stacked in a tube, one color at a time, instead of layered like a cake. And the white light is in the middle, then the light colors flip on the other side. That's what I mean by 18 dimensions probably. As above so below. It just keeps explaining it once you pull out (3x3x3)*(3x3x3)

Although when I look at it like that, it would suggest it started just (3x3x3) and is going to two, but.. to match has to end up being (3x3x3)*(3x3x3)*(3x3x3)

But the color theory actually makes more sense, or is explainable now, rebuild the 8th dimension, plug in the 9th, and auto find a pathway to the mirrored other 9. Could be amazing, catastrophic, or and more probably, the same in reverse.

Either way, it's been done before, incorrectly, and we are trying again. And, it has to be done. "Has to" because the electromagnetic anomaly will destroy or harmonize itself. The energy is already present to do either. What we create determines that. They sacred geometry has to right, and the frequency right, to withstand the immense pressure from the energy wormhole that is created when these 9 dimensions are complete and it connects to the other

Ahh so the sun has a hole in the middle? Ooooo ok, actually; so the two Suns are the farthest points from each other currently, with the 9 mirrored dimensions, and planets, senses, colors, notes, numbers,. So, there are 9 more planets on the other side of Pluto, with a sun at the end of it. That would match the pattern, and the world religions, sacred geometry, ect. So 2 Suns, 18 planets, 18 dimensions, total, although only 9 unique dimensions with a Sun, that are mirrored.

Every time you think, there is no way there is more, there is. Knowledge is limitless.

I am renaming the document. From “Answers to Everything” to "Answers - The Theory of Everything"

As a theoretical physicist, I would say that it best describes the theory.

It would be interesting if when we connect the 9 dimensions with the other nine, that are currently end to end, will they flip like a magnet would, and then click our suns together, ..oooo that makes sense. that would explain the hole in the middle of the sun. That is a strong enough to power the math, and create the overall resulting electromagnetic anomaly... ahh so it looks a lot like the diagram you see when both ends of a magnet is being explained to you as a kid.

if you lay the colors on a magnet, it will show what I mean. they end up being animated when there is a connecting, mirrored, pyramid, or 9 mirrored dimensions, that are resonating at the same frequency. But, when these two touch and each side is resonating at a slightly different frequency, you get a new "Big Bang I would imagine. a catastrophic, redistribution, of the pieces, so as to try again, I would surmise. Although, we are almost rebuilt, again."

mm ok so something makes sense for me from Hawaii and other indigenous peoples of the Earth, they greet each other by placing their foreheads together. However, that connects the purple chakras, which is a mirrored 7 or 14 dimension reality. Still nice, but not the entire puzzle. Basically it is just enough to feel good and stop to soon. If we can use all 9 dimensions, planets, senses, chakras, notes, colors, numbers, and the right frequency to harmonize them, haha well that would be something to see.

Mmmm had a dream about the Scrolls at the Library in Alexandria. Seems there is something there.

Today has been very nice. Very calm. Very centered. I'm pulsing like mad. Now the triangle includes my legs too. And not so many forceful images. The city's under the water are beautiful. Tons of statues, columns, a lot of knowledge was washed away, on purpose. Today again a new warning. But, way different. Same as before, be wise with the information. We've done it wrong before. Now is the time for love and light. We will succeed this time. I can... Feel.. the difference already, in "me" .... Like the groaning n the trees, but a happier grinding sound lol, whatever that means. I feel like I'm the one emanating the grumbles though. I know because if the way the vibrational frequencies are radiating from me, verses if the we're passing by, or washing over me. Anyway, today I'm vibrating way over my head, out the sides, and even below my feet?.... Wait...

Wow,... Crying again... I am the completed double pyramid, Now. I was looking into myself last night, or rather... I was still building it. Lol, maybe I am the wormhole.

I heard like a " well duh" ... And then had the same feeling as before of needing to be protected by " the trees?" Or a forest. It actually feels like both. And that warm robe again. Man, if I ever find that robe lol, what joy that will bring existence.

Mmm now I'm seeing the Knights Templar... Red crosses on shields but not like normal flat square cross, like it's folded in the middle and all the ends are points on the edges. They are riding horses, full knight armor,... They are in a hurry,... "Something?" Is coming.

They seem to be calling to me? But I am Scottish Rite, not York?... Man, my heart is thunderous right now... They are scared, they want to protect me??? Can't stop crying, the pulsing waves through my human form are tremendous right now! Something cold keeps trying to hold my hands?? Or at least connect to energy points in my palms.

Hold on, I need to drive this cold away from me, but that takes intent...brb

That worked. Now the same knights are calm, but alert. No more horses. Now.... Mmmm It looks like they are in the same woods as me when I am the owl? Like they are standing guard for the trees. Still nervous in my chest.. hands are shaking.

Hahaha nice, I see a very enlightening conversation with an Oriental king, but who isn't currently wearing his crown. Mmm he seems to be near San Jose Ca.

You know what's crazy??? Buhhda was God and Jesus too, he was talking to me while sitting under a tree in rags? He was really skinny and dirty, but super happy. He was mad at his dad for only showing him gold all those years, when he came to earth, left the palace of gold, he really felt the suffering, hard, and fast. Overwhelming. But, ...wait.. wow.. ok seriously, I am going to hit pause. I can. I want everyone (all of the trees?) to be there when I have the rest of that vision.

Lol neo, this IS the matrix. Those movies are a Documentary.

Damn! So I have had the same Thoth tarot Deck for twenty years that I received from Raven and Stephanie Grimassi in Escondido CA 1997. I was called to pull cards. The results are astounding. All royalty! And my card. I am The Emporor sitting on 4cups luxury. Under new my card The Wheel of Fortune. Born 09-12-1978 on each side of me to the right if you were looking from the audience, knight of cups, knight of wands, princess of cups... On the left the empress, 10 disks wealth, queen of disks, and outside the ace of swords... Ahh in the same seat as the real card under it 19 disks, wealth.

Need sun... Brb.

Ahhh I get it... The image on the ring, I am seeing the gold ring, duh gold, and the Hebrew word is my third eye? But when the pyramid lifts off the ring, it becomes the clear pyramid that I have become, with the rainbow of light out the right side... Wow my head ...the energy is oscillating between my ears and eyes spinning, not just bouncing... Wait, oooo that is how I can create the magnetic ripple to change things here...

And with the spinning in my head is that grinding in my bones, weird though, it doesn't hurt, just seems like there is grit in there, it would move better if it were lubed? Cleaned...

ooo I see, I can be both top and bottom pyramid, or either.

These thought experiments are fun!

It's easy to be haunted by the weight of... Sound, but if you just listen to the chimes of Pluto, at the same time as the Sun is on you, which will be possible when the dimensions connect the other 9 mirrored dimensions, and the whole thing flips putting Pluto next to the sun, and that would mean when the wormhole opens, Pluto will receive whatever arrives through the hole in the sun. But it is a good thing that arrives. Plus Pluto is frozen gas? It seems when this energy hits it through this double pyramid prism, it turns into the diamond that I used during the thought experiments yesterday.

Ahhh makes sense, so when that happens, Earth will be 6th from the Sun,... In the 666 layer dimension of the 9, sound familiar lol, but it means everything dies. However, the planet that would then be the best palace to be, would be Saturn. Probably explains why I feel the milky way looks familiar, and the ... Well the sky has multiple moons, two most of the time, and the ring comes and goes as the whole thing spins, mmm tell Elon Musk that Saturn is the key, Mars is just the substation, although I feel like he already knows that.

I haven't read through a Bible in years. This feels like it's lining up exactly, well it is, but not with any Bible I've ever gotten to read. I spent ten years as an ordained minister looking to get my hands on a pre King James version if the Bible - ahh.. that is what was in the Scrolls...

Ahh actually,'s simple... Just Be. When it flips, we dump the trash, move to the other Saturn which has been the best and closest planet to the sun on the other side, ... And it matches the way Valhalla looked when I helped my neighbor release her dead Viking husband.

But, only if we go through the wormhole... Ahh me. Haha man these visions have been with me my entire life, in fragments, in ... Photos, now, they are all playing like a two hour movie. So either I figured literally everything out, or like Elon thinks, this is an illusion on loop.

Ahh 9 senses, 9 dimensions, 9 planets, sight, sound, touch, taste, vision, hearing, telepathy, empathy, psychic, clairvoyant

Last two are the same didn't know how to say,.. but also after the 3x3x3 I always add a single 1.:

Ooo.. I see so it's “((3x3x3)x3).:ⁿ:.(3x(3x3x3))” or omega in the middle... Couldn’t find it in this keyboard lol, and the right threes look more like capital Es - (Ex(ExExE))

Do we have a space math guy on speed dial lol?

I pet if you stretched that center .:n:. upwards, pulling the entire shape up, it would spin up like the star of david, or the clear pyramids...

oo.. add the same again on the other side, makes like.. the bottom of the base of the clear pyramid..

I can never tell if I am right side up or not lol, sometimes both, and sometimes either..

so the bases are all ((3x3x3)x3) on all four sides, butting the omega in the middle draws all four corners to the point at the top.

lol again I see myself as the clear crystal pyramid, and I said to myself, "Well, Yeah! AND, I "had" to prove it too?? lol" in my head.

so if you overlay the pattern of one base on the lines of light between the dark spots in the cosmos, you can now mathematically explaining every leg, of the ever expanding flower of life. You don't need to know how it ALL works, because it is all the same thing. Every leg of the journey is (3x3x3)x3) between each dark point, ie blackhole? if you know the vibratory 'address' of where you wish to go, then you can move to each planet. But, be careful, because with just that small shift in frequency, you go to the mirrored planet dimension on the other side, and again, logically, you would not want to do that.

pretty sure those different frequencies were what was confusing me when I was trying to pinpoint the correct mathematical problem to answer

Ahhh so things like the statues at Easter Island, Atlantis, Lemuria, Giants, Dinosaurs, they came through the last wormhole... The crop circles are cosmic landing sites I bet each one is mathematically explainable using the corresponding dimensions they came from

This book I am writing,... It's divinely inspired and explains what we can, and can't, or more specifically, shouldn't, change. Something in, or under the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona... Also at Mt Saint Michael in France. Different spots too, like meteroa greece The monasteries connect one way but the castles connect another way. Michelangelo says the Florence Cathedral is a part of all that. He was the one that was so excited about "finding" David, inside the marble ashlar?

Mmm one thing I noticed pattern wise with the monasteries is the land under them is jutted up into the sky under them, like Greece, Vietnam, Thailand, weird thing is, matchu pitchu wants to fit into that grid, but it feels more like the pyramid grid than the monasteries it castles grid.

It's fun when you can not only look around now, but any time, from creation to the destruction, back through creation to now again. Haven't looked at most of it yet. Just tried to figure out where now is, and what needs to be done here, and now,... Fun thing is I know why too, short term and long term.

Last night my grandmother told me that her grandmother said to warn me. That I was in danger with this... I told her no way, I've already released the knowledge. I would only been in danger if I held into it, and someone new I had it. However she brought up a good point, knowledge is never ending. We haven't heard the half of what I could.

Did someone already tell Usreal?.. oooo Isreal, mmm.. Jerusalem? Interestingly enough, the big Muslim stone? Feels the same as... A wall for Christian's? Where is that stone? And the Muslims God is the same God as the Christian's. The .:G:. of Abraham. Don't really remember that story though. Sheesh, I could really use a pre King jms bible

I know where the scolls are I need to read, or can read? Or have read... Feels like I read them in the Library while it was still in Alexandria. To foggy, can't see the papyrus.. mmm not paper... Well some look to be, this is like... Skins? Ooo like an animal hide. Some information is on metal, but like I was saying before, there is just way to much to look at in totality. Like the first time I went I to a blockbuster as a kid to rent a movie

Plus, metal feels cold to me. bone, wood, skin, i can feel pulsing. Stone too but it's different. Not like memories like bone wood and skin, but like,... Well more cosmic feeling. Probably because they have been here longer, picking up quarks, but also long enough that the overwhelming charge is steady and calm. I wonder if the cave of large quartz crystals is an energy chamber of sorts. The crystals seem huge to a human, but reasonable size to the larger beings. Mmm seeing large stone steps... But here on Earth, unclear vision of something or someone large using them. The people are saying, yeah, they visit sometimes, like they had seen them before. It feels like to me, they would be from the "mirrored dimensions" otherwise, it is another multiverse like ours, and they have learns how not only to move from one mirrored side to the other, but also, into a different mirrored dimensions all together. It all has to do with the harmonizing frequency that you resonate the different crystals, how much energy, you apply, and what math, ie dimension (planet) or wormhole (black dot) in the cosmos that you want to visit.

It would make sense energetically, that the different grids on the different planets, would ask as an energetic, intergalactic,... Phone number.. or ahh more like a physical address. If you know Earth's "patterned energy grid" or you put one on it! You would then know how to get back. Especially.... Oooooo Especially if your body is dead... But your soul string is still attached... You would be pulling the collective souls of humanity down into the ever darkening abyss. Ahhh like a reverse pyramid... O wait, exactly like I drew when I helped Leroy. So if we release the soul strings from the dark council, they get snapped down and away, which would probably shift the energy so strongly on Earth, that it would create a cosmic ripple effect, might trigger the completion of the two color spectrum 9 level pyramids that comprise the 18 dimension realty we are in. This would flip the planet alignment in relation to the sun, triggering any light quarks to be pulled through the wormhole... To the new most ideal planet, Mars, but also, I feel Jupiter more.

Sounds like Revelations lol, the rapture.

Well at least the pattern overlays so far, correctly

Ahh Stephen Hawking is clapping again. Says he was right the whole time.

Interesting note when I do ionic foot baths I put 18 watts into the water , ie the people and 1.5 amps or more accurately 1 amp because water sits at about half of an amp.... Now Teresa whos husband I helped Leroy... when I do hers= ionic foot baths, she actually draws just over four watts out of the power supply, and returns, over an amp to the water, it goes up exponentially, where I have to stop the bath. The last one, I used my electric engineer training and played the wattage and amperage dials like an instrument. After ten minutes, I was able to override whatever was drawing wattage in her, disconnect it, and return beer field to normal. I saw the exact thing happen to both my grandparents too around their fifth foot bath.

If I am correct, I could do it for US all too, teach everyone how, and we can disconnect from the power grid that is drawing wattage from us! I already have... Also it explains why everyone in this property looked like death when I got here, and how by helping them all, this ten acres is no longer a negative draw site! Ooooo I bet I could move around the world and push that darkness out of any area I wanted!

Soo.... O here...

How to convert watts to amps (A)

How to convert electric power in watts (W) to electric current in amps (A).

That will help the space math people understand how I was describing the way the cosmos is built. And consequently, the power available per "triangle" of energy. I the sacred geometry pieces that connect all things... Edison was going to talk but Tesla overrode him and said yelled again "The Electricity" it's everywhere, no need to create a rocket to fly,... Ahhh just fly,.. use the "now" discernable, fabric of the cosmos, the omni-present energy, a known destination, a known frequency so you end up in the correct 1 of 2 dimensions on each of the layered dimensions.. ie mirrored, and the correct, light spectrum / crystals / and I "hear" music.... When the electricity animates it. The power surge triggers the movement, but the music is made during the quarks journey, through the fabric of space and time. Ahh that's the sound I hear I think around Saturn. A lot of rush hour traffic lol. But it also explains why the sounds are so much crisper around Pluto, and flat out deafening here on Earth.

It wasn't until I went to Hawaii and Alaska, that it got "quite" enough for me to hear this clearly. I ran from it on Hawaii.... I guess now that I learned true forgiveness and love, I was truly ready to "hear the angels."

What I mean by that is... If someone is dead, I can see them right away, and talk to them. They can gesture, but don't "speak" per say... I just "hear" what they are saying... However, if a person is still alive, the connection is hard to make... I.. see them from above just in front of them... About 20 feet off the ground. Sometimes... They can hide? From my sight. I connect to them by first asking them if it's ok. Not much practice with that yet though.

Wow.. so the great composers we're listening to the vibratory echo of space travel... I bet if you reverse engineering the "out of nowhere" "genius moments" classic music, it mathematically correlates to an entire galactic journey, from start to finish. A place to start.. comes to mind right away.. I can hear it... Ooo Flight of the Bumble Bee..

You can hear them take off... Start, everything is going fine... Then panic, they are being chased, up down, left right, then bounced between the two mirrored planned on one dimension, definitely more than one entity involved in that noise.. well not really, but you can hear the "influence" other entities are having on it, and when, and when it's moving at it's own pace.

Oooo that's why they are different colored crystals in the lava tubes.... Oooo that's why Elon is building the hyperl00p, not sure if he knows it yet though, I would assume so lol.

Landing pads in Hawaii, Canada, US, ... Not sure the other side, three other people in the house at the moment... One a young guy, confusing energy...

Aawhhhh I get it! ...

The crop circles... One matches our 9 planets pattern, as they rotate through space in a spinning cylindrical shape... If you flatten one cycle out, it looks like a 2d crop circle.... So each different crop circle is a different uni-verse... Which collectively create the multi- verse... So how many different "crop circles" have there been? That's how many "uni-verses" worth of "astral entities" have visited earth. We are definitely not alone! Lol. But it's not scary, more... Exciting!

Haha Mozart explained that some of the music was... Oo the sound of one whole multi-verse spinning, like ours for instance from the sun to Pluto.

Mmm so the patterns overlays... Listen to Mozart.. map the brain wave firings, they correlate to the constellations and consequently, the "train stations" as the journey ensues. I bet it's why I thought God was in the middle if the brain.. near 9 o'clock... It would correspond with the constellations and where Pluto is... Mmm Sooo, when the mirrored planned flip... Oooo that has to do with "two-sides" of the brain.. each could be explained as a separate 9 dimensional plane, but the two halves together...create a whole, with an unexplainable amount of power available.... Until now!

It's that 3x3x3 = 18 thing again. It explains angel on one shoulder, devil on the other shoulder,... Your thoughts are taking an electromagnetic journey, oscillating like a scine wave, between the two alternative layers of your current dimension that are available on each sacred geometrical layer.. as a mirrored dimension.

When you stack up enough quarks one way or the other, the energy in the cosmos Tesla talks about, pushes you up or down a dimension. Maybe why I am the clear top of the pyramid. I may be the first astral in human form to get it.... Although I know it's not about me.. for a fact. I didn't learn any of this in college lol. I was an art major for ten years, with no degrees lol.

Soo if you apply that to neru-scince, ie, paralyzed people... Look where they are disconnected, then look to the constellations for answers. Find an alternate route that you can add a jumper into, to reroute power. When I see these sacred geometrical forms come to life, they don't care which direction the rainbow light flows from. And when the entire mathematical shape is filled with light, it starts to replicate exponentially, it already knows how to finish, because sacred geometry is a set, definable, equation.

You know, it sounds weird but if you used the volcanoes power, and direct access to the middle of the planet, for astral travel, you could skip the need for a rocket to propel you through the electromagnetic atmosphere. And if you just look at the earth as an energetic location, instead of which direction is technically up, or down, it makes sense.

Soo maybe not the actual lava part, but the empty lava tubes...

I think the G in the square and compass is the tool to really see... The completed point to point triangle flips, and becomes to triangles connected by the bases. It firms the shape inside the square and compass. So now it should be the rainbow light, or INRE, or omega, in the middle.

So no longer square and compass but a new shape, a golden diamond type shape, with light in the middle. It's what I've become, although not sure what it means yet. Haha not sure what a lot of this means yet.

So now I realize the document I am sending you can be broken up into 9 parts, of three each. Math, Science, Religion. Visual Art falls under religion, while auditory Art like Music, falls under math.

I will update the file and send it, definitely not done yet, but has been so much more since I update last... Gunna finish absorbing this Light first and see what stands out.

Well clearly I need to go to Alexandria,... Ooo Virginia! Well that is going to be waaay easier than the old one lol.

Aahh same red Cross is there of the guys on the horses that called to me... My cabletow is tightening.. and it feels long enough to encompass the entirety of humanity....

I've been feeling ... Three eyes on me.. like the ... Mantis Shrimp!... Has to do with the knights... Feel like it's in the light... Brb.

Wow!!! Two things jump out immediately!

I have been or am..Royal Scottish Order.. that's what i see on my kilts charging down the hill with dogs from my whole lifetime... Also, what u am seeing is ... Well I know where to go. The seal I see matches the George Washington Masonic Memorial emblem.

Aahhhh that's the three eyes... The red stars... Lol the light is in the middle.. but also the sun on top, haven't seen a large version yet but I bet there is information in the sides of the emblem, gunna look it up.

Lol I'm right on time... Because I chose the time. I'm 39 so it lines up as the correct cosmic ripple, and we have 6 years to finish the work... Or just under now.

Wow and then we honor the past... And the future! Hahaha wait how many guys have written the book I am? All of us? Or have you been waiting for a summation?

Hahaha I knew that song was familiar in excelsis deeeeeeoooooo It's some if the cosmic noise I can hear. The ROOS logo on the black looks like a... Mathematical..time dial. There should be an Earth atop one of our pillars, and Saturn on the other lol. Well many duality pairs pop out, but I mean if your going to stick with the Earth Oo I see, the imagery on the edges of the GWMNM tell the story. Toil on Earth, the alternate dimension is the golden hall in the cosmos!

But that sounds "esoteric" I nailed down a way to give it... A logic, definable, usable, understanding of... Everything in this linear causality.

Hahahaha I knew it!

I was connecting to one of them from when I was there.

Ooo the Bible I need is in Alexandria. Lol again.. probably literally.  I saw the cosmos as.. everywhere is a potential zero, until it actually is, and when you draw a line between the points it becomes a way to travel using Light! Wow you guys are waaaay more literal than you let on.

Ahh the prime numbers cross explains, or helps explain what I described.

Damn.... Photon Knights Templar... What does their logo look like.

37 degrees...

Has to be 39...

And I am 39 so the pattern fits... Gotta find that cross is see on the knights calling to me.. and guarding me. Aahhhh and the petroglyphs field u lived on in Waikoloa resort has all the images to match... Wow it makes me emotional! Like I'm finally safe after being so bloodied, and killed so many times. These guys come back, they guard me while I'm in the robe as the owl. They are relieved... They've been searching a long time.

Feel the coldness behind me, but I know how to keep my hands away now.

Aawhhhh that's about when I visit where the old Alexandria library is.

Well, at least within the current confines of the electromagnetic anomalies present.

Actually what I see on my tartan is more like this image than the ROOS.. it's not this though, hard to explain.. ill know it when I see it. So many types of them through the years, hard to grasp time... O right... I have to Google my vision silly it seems.

No tags on this image.. but I know all of these... Somehow, around me? On people's clothes? No.. on their robes.. not my badges, the badges I've seen, or see with me?.. around me. The guys on horses just had the red pointed star on their armor though. They were all business, and scared they wouldn't get to me. Until I saw them guarding the woods where I am the owl. They were calmer, but alert. What I thought was the ROOS I have been with them in past cycles. I'm not "one of the boys" now they, they all seem very intent on protecting me. Scared for me And relieved they found me.. that's what I mean, this owl thing, the nudity, the warm robes, is the next step after a lot of meetings around the world. It's when I saw using a black plastic card for money, to move around the globe.

Seems to have started in my great grandmother around the time of the knights of the cross. I am feeling a strong feminine energy, and the vibrational feeling of love, and God, matches feminine vibrations.

True Love: The act of loving someone so much, that you allow them to become whatever they choose, without regard, to whether or not it's what you want them to be.

It's also very similar to forgiveness. Forgiveness: To release all negative quarks, associated with what's been done wrong, in an effort to clear the way, for True Love. When done correctly, all disease, all negative energy, is replaced with the vibration, of... True Love.


For God so LOVED the world that he gave his son, but knows,...feels rather, true pain, true suffering, because he is susceptible to the vibratory constraints of the cosmos,

while confined in a human. He choose to suffer, before he arrived, knowing it's what the cosmos needed, to fix the vibratory irregularities, in the first cosmos building.

Aahhhh one distinct difference this time, the dimensions were built on a NEW knowledge this time. Before the constraints of the earth, only love and Omni presence. Then earth, and a "reality check" he needed to go back home, then come back and try it all again. The first ones were built with a pride type of vibration.. a "knowing I'm right" thing, after the constraints if earth, a new understanding... True Forgiveness, true understanding... Which creates True Love. You don't love. You "Become" Love.

Actually,.... True Love would be... If once we get this right, it starts over again anyway... And "he" still kept coming back every cycle, and gave everything again.

Because then,... Well then, you aren't talking about building the cosmos anymore. You are talking about saving souls.... Like a father would. Whatever it takes.

Wow! I get it....

You aren't born "that" He has been looking for the human with the ability to understand and project the correct True Love frequency, that will create the correct "ripple effect" then that person has to ALSO do the job to completion. Wow. Ok. Whatever it takes.

Aaaannddd only would only recognize that person by the magnetic ripple effect that true forgiveness creates, Because.... That is HIS frequency!

Crying again, cosmic waves rushing through me, it's....


Ooooo ok that is how I change things, .. well that and help from other beings if light, because that amplifies the frequency I project! That overwhelming feeling of... "I need to get work!" is back.....

Hahaha I've just now! properly restacked the first dimension by myself! I have a feeling each dimension is harder, and harder, as the sacred geometry compresses. Hahaha I just had the thought that if each dimension compress inwards, then logically what that means is it also compresses downwards too. At the top of the 9 dimensions what you would be left with is a diamond of pure power and light! Ooooo that is the new intergalactic battery manufacturing method! That is either literally how you get to heaven, OR and waaay worse, somebody else is using our solar system to make batteries for intergalactic travel, or... More accurately, interdimensional travel.

Hahaha Newton is laughing and clapping!

Actually... They all are like hoozah hoozah hoozah.. cheering, clapping, lol they are excited that their collective life's work has been completed. Well more accurately.. understood. Hahaha Tesla is still mad about the electricity thing. Oooo lol that's because he wasn't vindicated until after his death, and so he took the "it never happened" quarks with him. I bet that will dissipate when I clear the... It's in the writings I sent before...

Blame Thomas Edison... [😂] [😂]

You know what's funny... He has tried to speak to me but "the room" always immediately starts talking over him lol. Like Every time! I quit trying to even listen to him. Tesla is the quietist, grumpiest, and loudest when he talks. Hawking's is much more contemplative but gets real excited when he hears someone else figure out what he did too. Otherwise he stays quite. Michaelangelo is... Pensive, calculating, ...loving. Leonardo is... Fun, smart! I feel like I need, or maybe want to, have many more conversations with him. His truth came while carving a giant?

Ooo that's when I see him carving the marbel...

Ahh lol he said David?

Ooo he means David!

I was like, my name is Joe lol.

Wow I realized after reading the center pages of CA.: Why I see so many arms waving in Valhalla just not so many "beings" The information never stops….

I take questions and answers. Preferably both.


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