The Godfather of Fishermans Wharf

Joe Holt has published five books to date,

and has written two more that are in development.


Joe Holt's first book is

"Aloha Joe in Hawaii" 

A guided journey of self discovery

and Hawaiian adventure.

For anyone with the desire to improve

their own lives, Joe's memoir is one mans example 

of how to begin the process of self discovery and healing.


Joe's second book

"Stories I Can't Tell My Kids Yet"

is a more in depth look at the life changing

events in his life that shaped

 him into a strong, healthy, adult.

These are but a portion of the challenges

that he has faced and are for the most part,

not things that he would like to share with his two

young sons quite yet.


Joe's third book is called

"Your Brain is the Key to the Universe"

and is a comprehensive guide to manifesting

your ideal reality and world harmony.

This book covers everything that you need

to know to improve your personal life as well as

how to help the world to be a better place

for everyone in it.


Joe's fourth book was a small book of photography

known as "Big Island Photos by AJ"

Only two copies of this book were ever printed.

One was auctioned of by the

Hawaii Fine Arts Academy.


Joe's fifth book is called

"The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf"

This book recalls his Godfather Tony's Biography.

This book covers 100 years of Sicilian Immigrant

History to Monterey, California.


Author Joe Holt

sat down with DJ Dan Lynch

on AM580 Cherry Creek Radio.

The radio interview page can

be found if you click HERE.


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Author Joe Holt


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Stories I Cant Tell My Kids Yet
aloha joe in hawaii

Author Joe Holt

Your Brain is the Key to the Universe
Author Joe Holt